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Detox, especially with a nutrition-based approach rather than a fasting program, can boost the immune system, aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, improve digestion, enhance liver function, increase energy and vitality, balance moods and emotions, provide anti-aging benefits, and may help to prevent many chronic diseases. At Kamalaya you’ll find yourself in the perfect place to cleanse your mind, body and spirit with a rejuvenating detox holiday. Detox programs and treatments in Thailand.

Detox Programs and Retreats in Samui

Kamalaya – Your Detox Weight-Loss Resort and Spa in Thailand

Wellness resorts offering detox spas are fast becoming today’s most sought-after holiday destinations, and for good reason: A detox retreat can bring so many benefits to bodies exhausted by hectic modern lifestyles. It can boost immune systems, aid weight loss, improve digestion and mental clarity, balance moods and revitalise systems crying out for support.

If you’re considering a detox holiday, you’re probably wondering which one is right for you. While approaches vary, many detox resort spas today offer programmes that centre on deprivation. These can be punishing regimes, dietary boot camps designed to shock and starve the body back into the purity.  A detox in Thailand at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, however, excludes this kind of approach. Here at this beautiful, beachfront destination spa, all of the detox retreats reflect the core essence of Kamalaya, which provides a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere in which guests reconnect with themselves and those they love, and find they have new ideas on how to realize life’s potential. 
Accordingly, detox at Kamalaya is an experience in which elimination is paired with nourishment by highly trained experts. It is a gentle synergy of Eastern and Western philosophies that addresses both your physical and emotional needs.

Kamalaya detox programmes are based on medical research and aligned with Asian healing principles that see fasting as potentially depleting. Medical research has shown the body requires a broad variety of nutrients in order to detox efficiently, and Kamalaya provides these in the form herbal remedies and supplements that empower the detox process and minimise its side effects. These are then complemented by the Detox Menu, a collection of creative and inspired recipes that is both delicious and deeply satisfying. So in contrast to many conventional detox programmes and their predictably short-term results, your detox experience at Kamalaya is a thorough introduction to good nutrition and health that prepares guests to lead a healthier lives upon returning home.
Kamalaya's detox offerings are structured to cater to four very different levels of experience and preference.

The first is Intro to Detox, a gentle, four-day orientation best suited to those who have never detoxed before or those who have limited time. The next step is our Detox & Rejuvenation Basic program, which combines medical science and holistic therapies to address your needs in a program overseen by a trained Kamalaya naturopath and supported with a combination of nutritional and herbal supplements.
For more experienced detoxers and some ambitious beginners, Kamalaya offers the Detox & Rejuvenation Comprehensive package, our most thorough cleansing retreat. Finally, for those who thrive in a community atmosphere, Kamalaya will soon be initiating the Essential Detox Group Retreat, a collaborative experience of jointly celebrated success. This program is overseen by Kamalaya co-founders John and Karina Stewart, with structure and support provided by the Kamalaya team of naturopaths.

At Kamalaya we invite you to reconnect to yourself through a spa, health and detox experience in Thailand; to drink from the well of silence and divine potential within, the source from which all healing and creativity naturally arises. Explore your potential for improved health through detox at this 5-star luxury beachfront spa, which in 2010 won six sets of international spa industry awards in categories including Best Spa in Asia and Best Destination Spa. The following links are provided to help you to evaluate which Kamalaya detox wellness retreat is best suited to you and your personal wellness goals.

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Detox Samui at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort in Thailand
Detox Samui at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort in Thailand

Intro to Detox & Rejuvenation
A Kamalaya Introduction to Detox Spa Programs in Thailand
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Detox & Rejuvenation Basic
Basic Detox & Rejuvenation: Cleanse Body, Mind and Spirit at Kamalaya Koh Samui
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Detox & Rejuvenation Comprehensive
Comprehensive Detox & Rejuvenation at Kamalaya – an Experience in Total Renewal
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Essential Detox Group Retreat
Strength in Numbers: Kamalaya’s Essential Detox Group Retreat
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