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Detox, especially with a nutrition-based approach rather than a fasting program, can boost the immune system, aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, improve digestion, enhance liver function, increase energy and vitality, balance moods and emotions, provide anti-aging benefits, and may help to prevent many chronic diseases. At Kamalaya you’ll find yourself in the perfect place to cleanse your mind, body and spirit with a rejuvenating detox holiday. Detox programs and treatments in Thailand.

Detox Treatments and Therapies

Kamalaya’s detox programs comprise the following detox treatments and therapies:

Body Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA)
This method of measuring the ratio of body fat against lean muscle mass gives valuable information on cellular health, metabolism, hydration, the ratio of body fat against lean muscle mass and levels of toxicity to help create a program suited to your individual needs.

Colon Hydrotherapy
This sought-after treatment is administered by highly trained and qualified health professionals using the latest equipment in colon therapy. Relying upon gentle irrigation of the colon, it cleanses the organ and helps to accelerate elimination.

Far Infrared Sauna
The Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna used Infrared radiation, an electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than that of visible light, but shorter than that of radio waves. The radiation hits the surface of the body and heats through a process called conversion, instead of heating the air around you. This can accelerate metabolism, burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes, and detoxify your body at a cellular level (including the elimination of heavy metals). It also promotes circulation and boosts immunity.

Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage)
This gentle but firm abdominal massage provides an excellent release for physical and emotional stress. It can stimulate intestinal elimination, enhance digestion and promote circulation to the vital organs.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This full body treatment stimulates the lymphatic system with gentle massaging strokes, encouraging the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria. It also encourages fluid flow in the connective tissues, increases energy levels and helps to boost the body’s immunity.

Detox Body Scrub and Wrap
Oriental herbs gently exfoliate the body while increasing overall circulation, followed by an invigorating wrap of Thai White Mud. A collection of Thai herbs, each specially selected for its health-enhancing characteristics, warm, stimulates and invigorates circulation. The treatment reduces water retention, improves sluggish circulation and accelerates the detoxification process.

Vital Essence Oil Massage
Kamalaya's unique Vital Essence Massage combines Asian knowledge energy principles with the science of aromatherapy to create the perfect fusion between East and West for a magical and harmonizing experience. One of our Five Element essential oils will be selected to suit your constitution: Water, Wood (Air), Fire, Earth, and Metal (Ether). On an energetic level this therapy is cleansing of 'blocked energy' and re-establishes a healthy flow of energy for increased vitality.

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Common benefits of the detox process

Detox initiates improvements throughout the body, some of which may not be immediately noticeable. Improvements that you may be able to identify more quickly, however, include reduced headaches, decreased pain and stiffness in joints and muscles and a heightened resistance to infections...
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