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Detoxification and Health Retreats Koh Samui
Detox, especially with a nutrition-based approach rather than a fasting program, can boost the immune system, aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, improve digestion, enhance liver function, increase energy and vitality, balance moods and emotions, provide anti-aging benefits, and may help to prevent many chronic diseases. At Kamalaya you’ll find yourself in the perfect place to cleanse your mind, body and spirit with a rejuvenating detox holiday. Detox programs and treatments in Thailand.

Detox Programs and Retreats

Thailand is known for its detox retreats of all varieties, with Koh Samui leading the country as a detox holiday destination. At Kamalaya, voted by UK newspaper The Times as one of the world’s Top 5 Exotic Detox retreats, about 80 percent of our guests choose one of our four detox options: Introduction to Detox; Detox & Rejuvenation Basic, Detox & Rejuvenation Comprehensive; or our Essential Detox Retreat.Kamalaya.

Kamalaya Koh Samui’s research-based Detox programs ensure your outcome will be safe, effective and powerfully rejuvenating experience. The resort’s approach to detox aims to enhance the body's ability to eliminate toxins and accumulated waste, helping us to find their ideal balance. This helps to increase energy and vitality, creating a foundation for optimum health, longevity and personal growth. Kamalaya’s team of emotional, energetic and spiritual healers is available to support you through any emotional detox effects.

Our Detox packages include:
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Thailand Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort
Thailand Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort

Detox Programs Samui...

Intro to Detox & Rejuvenation
A Kamalaya Introduction to Detox Spa Programs in Thailand

Detox & Rejuvenation Basic
Basic Detox & Rejuvenation: Cleanse Body, Mind and Spirit at Kamalaya Koh Samui

Detox & Rejuvenation Comprehensive
Comprehensive Detox & Rejuvenation at Kamalaya – an Experience in Total Renewal

Essential Detox Group Retreat
Strength in Numbers: Kamalaya’s Essential Detox Group Retreat

Who should detox?

Kamalaya’s detox programs and retreats are designed to help people who exhibit signs of toxicity, have trouble with digestion, or who are experiencing liver problems from alcohol consumption, toxic overload, poor eating habits, extreme stress or exposure to chemicals in the workplace. It also can help those whose liver function irregularities are a result of medications taken or chronic illnesses such as hepatitis, jaundice and fatty liver.

Other excellent candidates for Kamalaya’s detox programs include individuals who suffer from chronic headaches, skin conditions, or gallbladder pathologies; women on hormone replacement therapy, and those who suffer from PMS and moodiness. In general, however, anyone with chronic poor lifestyle habitsit is safe to say that detox is also extremely beneficial to anyone who has chronic poor lifestyle habits.

Kamalaya´s detox and health retreats